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Advanced Infra-red Vein Viewer

  • Pain reduction in patients

  • Reduced operator burden

  • Reduced economic losses

  • Infection reduction due to         non-contact

  • Products that everyone   needs and satisfies


Comapny at a glance



"A company develops products that are facing, thinking

and satisfied with customers, MAJUTECH Inc."

MAJUTECH Inc. was established in 2015 to become the world's leading manufacturer

of intravenous injection.
We have developed, manufactured, and sold Vascular viewer systems, Safety Ⅳ Catheter, etc.

‘VeinVu 100’ is based on the consultation and survey of qualified medical practitioners of intravenous treatment at university hospitals.The research focused on usability, convenience, reasonable price.

               Majutech Inc.                    


VeinVu 100

MAJUTECH has developed system modularization and hardware/software

on its own to achieve superior performance, ease of use, and price competitiveness

compared to competitors. 

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VeinVu 100